Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 77: Lomito Sandwich

The Lomito is a South American sandwich which often has a variety of fillings. It has one of my favourite things, a fried egg. :)

 The first thing to make was this sauce made up of garlic, shallot, chili, herbs, red wine vinegar and lime juice.

 Fry a couple of steaks.

On a toasted bread roll layer up the steak, sliced cheese, sliced ham, a fried egg, onion and tomato then the sauce on the top.

It was a pretty nice sandwich apart from that steak is difficult to bite into in a sandwich. The fried egg was great along with the cheese and onion but the ham seemed superfluous when paired with the steak. Also, steak on a sandwich is better cut into slices or chunks, not just a whole piece of steak as on this sandwich. After having so many sandwiches, either we've become sandwich snobs or we've come to one of the ultimate truths about what makes a good sandwich: less ingredients. This had 8 ingredients, and would likely have been better with half that number.

Ratings: JD - 2, Emma - 2

Coming Up Next Saturday: Nothing, we're having a break from sandwiches because we're going out to eat. What a life we lead! :D

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