Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 73: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Everyone's looking forward to this one! We've never fried chicken before so it'll be a new experience too.


chicken, soft bread rolls, buttermilk, salt, sugar, flour, mayo, lettuce, pepper, paprika, cayenne, celery salt, garlic powder and onion powder.

Soak the chicken in buttermilk with an added teaspoon each of sugar and salt. Leave it for up to 8 hours in the fridge. Make a seasoned flour using all the spices.

Pat dry the chicken and coat it in the flour. Prepare the bread rolls by slicing in half and filling with shredded lettuce and a layer of mayo on top.

 Fry the chicken in oil until browned.

These sandwiches were fantastic. Really simple but delicious. The lettuce adds a nice crunch and mayo on hot chicken is a match made in heaven. We all loved them. The fried chicken was different from other more coated fried chicken we've in fast food places but the seasoned flour had given the chicken a lovely spicy flavour.

Ratings: JD -4, Emma -4, Leigh - 4, Erin -5

Coming next Saturday - Picnic Loaf

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