Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 87: Refrigerator Buffet Sandwich

Another leftover type sandwich, but this time more unstructured. You can put anything you like in the sandwich as long as it's from the fridge. It's the kind of sandwich you make when you get in late from the pub and want food.

Ingredients: anything in the fridge is fair game

The problem for us is that we don't usually have much food in the fridge going spare. We plan our meals so that most food is accounted for, with everything having a meal it goes into. As it's Christmas we have got a few extra cheese types hanging around to be paired with crackers. Anyway, we did our best :D

 Our fridge contents emptied out for sandwich making.

 Lettuce, ham, cheese, mayo and blue cheese spread.

Mint jelly, ham, a sliced Babybel, lettuce and mayo.

JD was a bit more adventurous with his sandwiches, he had one with curry paste and horseradish sauce in it! I couldn't bring myself to ruin a good sandwich with anything too weird. The book said to eat the sandwich with a cold alcoholic drink so we chose this cider. This sandwich would've been better if we'd had it last week while we still had Christmas leftovers left but nothing lasts forever even cold November rain.

I think I prefer simpler sandwiches with fewer ingredients and with this I felt like I should add more things to it since they were available. The sandwiches were nice though and mint jelly might be a new favourite of mine in a cheese salad sandwich.

It was nice to forage a sandwich from the stuff in our fridge but not that challenging when we had several types of cheese and delicious ham in there. It'd be tougher the day before we do our grocery shopping!

Ratings: JD - 2, Emma - 2

Next Saturday -Bulgogi Sandwich

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