Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some Minecraft Fun

Leigh and Erin loooove Minecraft. Since we got it about a year or so ago they've both played it lots. Even together which is a surprising development in their relationship! To encourage this new-found sibling love we decided to have a Minecraft Event so we could all enjoy some cubic fun. I posted up the usual tempting poster to get the kids to join in. Mentioning food and prizes usually does it :D

I made us some Minecraft themed food to eat to keep up our strength for the games ahead. Those creeper pizzas are meant to be square but no one wanted to waste pizza by cutting off the rounded bits. Leigh and Erin had to guess what each food was in Minecraft before they could eat it. They managed it all except the bowl of silver things.

For the first event Erin had designed us a parkour course to complete.

Leigh easily won, with Erin coming second. I only got past the first part :( JD was very amused watching my character trying to jump on the blocks. I was the floating head/squid/I don't know thing you can just make out in the top right screen.

Next we had to build a house each and vote whose was the best. Leigh had set us up a plot each with a chest of tools to make it easier. Erin's was voted the best. I came joint second mainly due to a pig accidentally getting into my house and looking out of the window. :D

JD had made us a battle arena for the next event. We each had colour coded chests with armour and weapons. It was a fight to the death and I lost first. Leigh won with JD coming in second.

Probably one of the hardest events was to corral an animal into a fenced enclosure. Erin got a cow into hers first then JD got a pig. I only ever managed a pork chop and Leigh got some wheat seeds! We suck :(

We did some other events too. First to mine 2 different ores, first to reach a nether star in the sky with blocks and then we had a quiz to test our Minecraft knowledge. It was actually pretty fun, even for a Minecraft novice like me. Plus there were cookies! We all enjoyed it and each got a prize for participating.


Erin - 24
Leigh - 22
JD - 14
Emma - 10

Erin was pleased to have won and both of them were pleased to have beaten me because I've won the last two competitions we've had. I was just glad they'd both enjoyed it as I'd done it for them because they enjoy Minecraft so much. ^_^

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