Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 88: Bulgogi Sandwich

Bulgogi means "fire meat" in Korean so we're expecting a hot one this week!

Ingredients: beef, bread buns, red bell pepper, spring onions, soy sauce, sesame seeds and oil, garlic, onion, sugar and chilli flakes.

Cut the beef into thin slices and marinade it in soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, garlic, onion, sugar and chilli flakes.

After a few hours you can saute the beef (although it is traditionally barbecued on skewers if you want to be more authentic). Also saute slices of red bell pepper and spring onion for the sandwich garnishes.

The taste of the beef was delicious, spicy but not too hot. It was spicy enough to be an enjoyable zing but not as spicy as to ruin the flavours. The marinaded beef was a lovely texture, tender enough to bite into in the sandwich. The softened vegetables were a nice addition giving colour and flavour to the mix. It was a good sandwich except it was a bit dry, some sort of sauce would've been welcome here.

Ratings: JD - 3, Emma - 3

Next Saturday - Cemita Poblana

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