Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Sandwich 90: Dripping Sandwich

I must admit, I'm not looking forward to this one. Dripping is animal fat collected from roasting a joint of meat. I remember my mum dipping bread in the pan after roasting beef for Sunday dinners when I was a kid but I've never tried it myself. Apparently in Yorkshire we call it "mucky fat". Sounds delicious...

Ingredients: dripping, bread, salt & pepper.

Spread the dripping on the bread and season with salt & pepper. At least it's an easy to make sandwich.

We weren't impressed with this one. It's too salty and horribly greasy. The flavour was ok, it reminded me of pork scratchings but not as nice. It's not unpleasant to eat but I don't think I'll have it again. JD said it tastes like the oven tray when we've cooked sausages, so someone's been testing that out!

Ratings: JD -1, Emma - 1

Next Saturday we won't be making a sandwich because we're out for my birthday :D

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