Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Fitbit - One Year Later

So, I'm still using it. I've worn it almost every day since I got it.

Last year I walked 3,577,694 steps which works out at 9,801 steps a day. I'd set myself a goal of 10k steps a day so I almost made it. I'm aiming to beat that this year and have a daily average of over 10k.

I walked a total of 1,534 miles which is 4.2 miles a day. Not bad for a fat lass, eh?

I recently got the Great Barrier Reef achievement which is for walking the length of the GBR 1,600 miles.

I still enjoy doing a lot of walking and I often invent reasons to go out so I can get extra steps.

Another thing I want to beat this year is my Best in a Day steps which is 30,000. Next stop 35,000 steps!

Lately with work I've had less time for walking in the countryside but I'm hoping to get started again soon on my days off. I miss the trail.

I'd write more but I've got to go get some more steps. :)

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