Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 66: The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich

This is quite a claim. The Ultimate chicken sandwich. Well, we'll be the judge of that! :D

Ingredients: chicken, garlic, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, eggs, salad leaves, sourdough bread, bay leaves and thyme.

Stuff the chicken with lemon slices, 2 bay leaves and some sprigs of thyme. The astute among you might notice that we used rosemary instead because we found it growing in a pot in the garden and we forgot to get thyme. Cover the chicken liberally with salt & pepper. Place the garlic cloves all around the chicken in the dish (two whole bulbs broken into cloves) and pour over 1 cup of olive oil. Roast the chicken as you usually would in the oven.

When the chicken is roasted and cooled a bit take all the meat off, remove the garlic cloves to a bowl and drain the olive oil. Make mayonnaise by beating two egg yolks then slowly adding the garlic infused olive oil until it thickens to your liking.

 Chop the chicken into small bite-sized pieces and mix with the mayo.

 Squeeze the roasted soft garlic out of their skins and then spread on slices of the sourdough bread.

 Pile the chicken mayo mix on top of the garlic and finish with some salad leaves.

This was a pretty nice chicken sandwich. The home-made mayonnaise was the best part since it's the first time we've made our own and we didn't realise how easy it was. We're not altogether keen on sourdough bread, it's a bit too chewy and hard to eat and I think we'd prefer softer bread for this sandwich. The sandwich doesn't really have a very strong taste of garlic which is bizarre considering the amount of garlic used in the whole thing. The chicken in mayo was delicious and we have enough left for more sandwiches tomorrow which is great.

So a pretty good sandwich but definitely not the ultimate chicken sandwich for us.

Ratings: JD - 3, Emma - 3

Coming up next Saturday - Barros Luco

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