Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 68: BBQ Burger

Last week we had my sister Sally and her boyfriend Steve over for a barbecue so it was a perfect time to try the BBQ burger. Not that we haven't all tried them a few times already in our lives. It needs doing though since it's in the book as a sandwich.

 Here we are all set up for burgers. You might spot this crafty muffin tray hack in a future blog post! :D

Here it is, the glorious burger. This one with cheese and sweet onion relish. My personal favourite is with blue cheese and lettuce.

To make the ratings a bit more interesting we made some burgers ourselves and also bought some from Asda to compare them.

Ratings: Homemade - JD 3, Emma 4, Sally 4, Steve 5, Leigh didn't have a homemade one, Erin had chicken burgers

Ratings: Shop Bought - JD 3, Emma 3, Sally 2.5, Steve 2, Leigh 3

JD and I didn't notice much difference between homemade and shop bought but Sally and Steve much preferred the homemade ones. Steve said the shop ones were a bit dry while the homemade ones were juicy. He could just have been a polite guest complimenting us though! I suspect JD ate two shop bought ones since he rated them both the same. ^_^

Either way, burgers are great. Especially when you can change the taste a lot depending on what condiments or extras you eat with it.

Coming Next Saturday - Monte Cristo

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