Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whittling in the Woods

A month or so ago I bought this book. Since then we've all been looking through it and talking about which things in it we'd like to try. Me and JD are up for trying most of them and the kids have marked in it which ones they want to do.

First up since we all wanted to try it is whittling. After a quick visit to Amazon for some knives we were ready to go. Leigh had a better offer at the last minute so just JD, Erin and I this time.

Before we went I looked up knife laws and some safety tips.

We walked into some woods near where we live so we'd be away from people and set down a blanket so we'd be static when whittling.

Just to get used to using the knives we started with stripping bark from large twigs we found on the ground.

Making sure to use the knife away from your body at all times. As demonstrated by JD.

Whittling is hard work so Erin had a phone break to find us some good whittling music. She started off with the soundtrack to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Haha. Notice she is wearing gloves, which is another safety tip for kids doing whittling or anyone worried about cuts and nicks to their hands.

After stripping bark we had a go at making pointy sticks and then had fun stabbing leaves.

 Here's mine and below JD's shorter shiv type pointy stick.

Next I had a go at shaping a face from a stripped twig. Some say it looks like Bart Simpson. :D

It's harder than it looks, alright!

Erin and JD had moved on to stripping some of the bark (but not all, that would be mean) from a tree.

 JD carved our initials in a heart, aww ^_^

All in all it was quite enjoyable to be in the woods being all survivor style with knives. It's good to know we could make weapons if we needed long as we already have a knife...which is technically a weapon anyway...hmm ok not that impressive. It is fun though.

Stay tuned to see which Family Adventure we try next. :)

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