Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 67: Barros Luco

Ramon Barros Luco was president of Chile many years ago and this was his favourite sandwich.

Ingredients: steak, salt, pepper, bread roll, cumin, garlic, chilli and swiss cheese

 Season the steak with salt & pepper then cook it in a frying pan to your preferred done-ness.

Rub the bread roll halves with a garlic clove. Put the steak in the roll and dust with cumin. Then add some sliced chilli and swiss cheese.

 Toast the whole sandwich in the frying pan on both sides.

It's often true that sometimes the simplest sandwiches are the best. This one tastes fantastic! It was really difficult to eat (we had to use a knife and fork) and next time we'll use much thinner steaks but apart from that it's just amazing. The cumin on the steak seems to bring out it's flavour and while I'm usually not one for too much spice the chillis added a perfect zing whenever I got a bite. The cheese could've been a bit more melted (maybe under the grill before you toast it in the pan) but the sharp taste really went well in the sandwich. Delicious, I urge you to try one :)

Ratings: JD - 4, Emma - 5

Coming up next Saturday - BBQ Burgers

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