Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Love Trello

Trello is an organisation program for your computer or phone. Basically it's lists, which I love. :D

I used to keep a notepad and pen handy but I decided I wanted to move to an online planner/to do list. I looked around and tried out lots of other free programs before I found this one. It's easy to use and lets you make a board of everything you need to organise in one place.

I use it in a relatively simple way compared to the demos I've seen. I do lead a fairly simple life. I have one board of lists with everything I want to keep track of.

The list I use most is my daily to-do list. I list everything I want to get done that day and delete each item as I do it. If something doesn't get done that day I move it (a simple drag and drop) into my general to-do list or leave it for the next day.

This is the top half of my daily to-do list. I write everything I want to do in the list, even really small things and appointments. It's how I remember something needs doing and also how I motivate myself to get something done. The satisfaction of clearing my list or deleting something makes me do it.

I have lots of other lists on my Trello too. A list of blog foods from around the world I have left to do, ideas for posts for this blog, goals for the year, birthday presents to buy and more.

Lifehacker explains it all way better than me.

I really like having everything in one place and I keep it open on my pc so I can look easily whenever I need to. It's also an app on my phone which syncs to keep the lists updated. That way if I'm in town and need to pick something up I can check before I come home. Or if one of the kids are on the computer I can still access my lists.

 It's not a perfect system for getting things done, sometimes I'll leave something on my list for days (or weeks) and every time I check Trello it's there mocking me.

Anyway, if (like me) you enjoy being organised I recommend you give it a try. :)

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