Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 70: Toasted Cheese Sandwich

This is another sandwich that we've obviously had lots of times before. So to make it a bit different we headed to our local speciality cheese shop, The Cheeseboard to pick some new cheeses to try.

We got some Raclette, which is a swiss cheese which easily melts and some Fontina, a foul smelling Italian cheese. We already had some mature cheddar ready to use at home.

To make a toasted cheese sandwich (or grilled cheese as they call it in the USA) you make up a cheese sandwich, butter it on the outside and place in a hot pan to toast. Press down as it cooks and then flip to toast the other side. Cut in half and eat straightaway.

It's not the best looking sandwich we've eaten but it's nice nonetheless. I really liked the Raclette cheese, it'd melted perfectly and had a lovely creamy texture. The Fontina was the priciest cheese we'd got but the mature cheddar was nicer. Leigh and Erin both enjoy a toasted cheese sandwich too, Erin often makes herself one by grilling it in the oven instead. We ate ours with potato soup with JD dipping his toasted sandwich in the soup. We made them with brown and white bread but I don't really have a preference, both are good.

Ratings: JD - 2 , Emma - 3

Next Saturday - Bauru's Sandwich

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