Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life Hacks Tested - Part Two

Here we are with more life hacks to test. I really enjoy seeing if these things work or not. I usually judge whether they will or won't beforehand and then see if I'm right.

PASS - This is pretty much the best hack ever. I love it. It looks great, you can pass someone the stuff all at once and you only have one thing to wash up after the BBQ. Although, to be honest I have never put mayo or bbq sauce in a bowl to serve it. We'd just set out the bottles which ends with no washing up. It's still great though because it looks so awesome.

PASS - JD tried this one out the last time we went to McDonalds. The little pot was a bit precarious looking after it was expanded for my liking but there's no denying it works.

FAIL - I tried this a few days ago when JD had made some hummus in the blender. As you can see by the before and after pictures, a lot of the hummus was cleaned up but it still left a lot on the blender too. Even after rinsing I had to clean it more. I felt this one would work too.

PASS - It's easy enough to make this phone tidy if you can find a bottle wide enough to use. The hard part is getting your daughter to use the thing. So it's kind of a pass because it does work but a fail for us because it goes unused mostly or the cord is still hanging out.

That's it for part two, more hacks to come later. :)

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