Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 72: Burrito

I feel unsure if this counts as a sandwich but we're eating it either way :D

Burritos can include a variety of different fillings so we went with the recipe in the book plus a couple of additions of our own.

Ingredients: tortilla wrap, steak, onions, salsa, guacamole, grated cheese, refried beans, sour cream and chopped cucumber (because I forgot to buy a green bell pepper).

The recipe suggested wrapping the tortilla wraps in a damp kitchen cloth and warming in the oven and it's a great idea. The wraps are then much easier to fold and don't break.

 Saute the steak and onions.

 Ingredients assemble!

 Layer up the fillings and then fold it all up inside the wrap.

Burritos are great but ours today weren't that good. There were too many soft ingredients which made the final burrito a bit squishy. We should've added some rice or maybe whole beans instead. The combined flavours are delicious though with every bite being different. I need practise folding because my burrito filling ended up all over my hands and it was quite messy.

Ratings: JD -2, Emma -3

Coming up next week - Fried Chicken Sandwich

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