Monday, April 2, 2018

Do We Know Our Crisps?

Erin is the biggest eater of crisps in our family (closely followed by Leigh) and she often brags that she'd know our regular crisps (Morrisons) from other brands.

So we decided to test her!

We got 6 different brands/types of Ready Salted crisps and taste tested them.

We had:

Asda 85p for 6
Aldi 85p for 6
Morrisons 77p for 6
Walkers £1.50 for 6
Asda Value 66p for 12
Walkers Light £1.50 for 6

After much crisp eating we found out the following things:

JD and I chose Walkers as our favourite.

Leigh and Erin picked Aldi as the best.

Erin correctly picked which were our regular Morrisons crisps.

We each seemed to like varying degrees of saltiness and crunch. Erin thought the Walkers were too salty and guessed they were the cheapest from Asda's value range. There really wasn't that much difference between the crisps. We enjoyed all of them and decided it wasn't worth paying extra for the Walkers crisps because the Morrisons, Aldi and Asda were all pretty decent crisps.

Erin is feeling like a crisp expert now. :D


  1. Worst crisps I ever tasted were Walkers Baked. Sawdust and salt. Blech!

    1. They're missing the vital unhealthiness of being fried in oil, haha :p

  2. And by the way, since I haven't tried the others on your list,I'll say Walkers are my favourite. ;)

  3. Lime & Coriander Poppadoms! THOSE ARE AMAZING!


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