Thursday, January 15, 2015

Food Bank and Negative Holidays

We've got a couple of new things going on since the New Year.

We're trying to help Leigh and Erin understand how lucky we all are. How we all get to live in luxury every day with everything we'll ever need taken care of. Simple things like food to eat, heating, fresh water and lots of other things too.

Firstly, we've started a collection box to donate to the local Food Bank.  I printed off their 'shopping list' from their site at and put a plastic box in the kitchen.

We've let Leigh and Erin know what it's for and that if they want they can add to it from their pocket money whenever they go out shopping themselves. Also, we're getting a couple of items each week in with our weekly food shop to go in the box. When the box is full we'll take it to the food bank to donate it.

Any normal family would stop there. But to further make the kids understand how great eating what you want is we're going to then have a week where we eat only food that's on the food bank list. Mostly canned foods which to be honest won't be terrible (I'm thinking corned beef hash which I LOVE) but it will be more limited than what we normally eat. No fresh stuff, milk, bread or fruit & vegetables. It'll be interesting, anyway!

Secondly, we've decided to celebrate what we like to call 'Negative Holidays'. Instead of having an enjoyable celebration of food, games etc we'll celebrate something we take for granted by going without it.

This might seem insane (I blame JD, he came up with it) but we really do want to appreciate all we have because that leads to a happier more content life. Which is what we want for Leigh and Erin.

So, tomorrow is going to be No Heating Day. Our heating will be turned off at midnight tonight and will be off for 24 hours. We expect to be wearing our coats inside since the weather forecast is for possible snow and -1'C (30F).

Leigh and Erin will be at school most of the day but JD and I are at home all day. It'll be worse for JD since he hates the cold but I'll help him keep warm (nudge wink etc).

Expect a report back in a week or so. If we make it through the cold. :D

What luxury do you find you take for granted the most?

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