Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 42: The Crisp Sandwich

This sandwich received mixed reactions from the Jackson house this week. Erin was keen to try different crisps in a sandwich. Leigh didn't want to try any at all. JD wasn't impressed with the idea of eating a sandwich with only one filling (we have eaten much more luxurious sandwiches of late). I was up for trying alternate crisps to ready salted for my crisp sandwich but didn't expect to find anything better.

And so we embarked on a crisp sandwich journey to try a few different types and see which we found to be the best.

The ingredients: bread, crisps and butter.

 Erin and JD sampling crisp sandwiches.


 Butter the bread, add a filling of crisps and then fold.

I've picked up the habit of tying crisp packets in a knot from my Dad. I can't help myself now.

We tried 5 different crisps in sandwiches. Cheese and onion, sea salt, salt and vinegar, beef beastie bites (cheapo monster munch) and pickled onion beastie bites.

The results were as follows:

Beef Beastie Bites - 11.5 points
Sea Salt - 10 points
Cheese & onion - 9.5 points
Pickled onion - 7 points
Salt & vinegar - 6.5 points

A bit of a surprise winner really!

The crisp sandwich is ok for a quick snack if you have no time for something better but as a sandwich JD and I weren't that impressed. JD said he prefers crisps on their own than in a sandwich. I still like a salted crisp sandwich best.

Official rating: JD - 2, Emma - 2

Coming up next Saturday - Sabich

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