Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - End of Photo Challenge

I've made it. I challenged myself to take a picture a day through 2014 and I did. I've learned three things along the way:

  • Setting yourself a challenge for a whole year is a terrible idea. A year is a loooong time!
  • Some days you just don't do anything picture-worthy.
  • Trying to find something to photograph in your house just before bedtime is a difficult task.
It went well for most of the year. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to find something to capture every day. It all went wrong when we got back from America in September. We took so many pictures on holiday that I'd had enough. Usually there'd be a break before we did anything else to photograph but I had to keep going relentlessly taking pictures day after day. It got really hard and I almost gave up but JD kept me at it reminding me how great it'd be having all the pictures to look back over at the end of the year.

We did go through the pictures on New Year's Eve and it was great to see our whole year laid out in pictures. Lots had happened that we'd forgotten about and the kids had changed a lot in the space of just a year. It made us realise how much we'd done in one year.

The best thing was waking up on New Year's Day and realising I didn't have to take a picture :D

Here are some of my favourite pictures:

Erin started High School and Leigh started Year 10

Our hamster Missy died :(

Dad celebrated turning 60 with the flattest cake ever

Leigh got her braces taken off

We had many lovely walks

JD published his second book and wrote the third

We moved house

We completed the Nidderdale Walk and raised money for charity

Le Tour fever swept Harrogate

Erin had her last day of Primary School

Leigh and Erin got to meet JD's parents Jack and Andina

Leigh and Erin discovered Minecraft

Whitewater Rafting \o/

Many sandwiches were eaten

Many magpies were photographed

I made some stuff

Visa application: Check!

It's been a great year to look back on. All the pictures can be seen here --> if you're insane enough to want to see 365 pictures of our life.

I'm glad to have finished the challenge and happy I stuck it out. I don't think I'll ever take as many pictures as I have this year!

I hope your year was just as enjoyable and wish you a Happy New Year for 2015.

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