Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday Sandwich 40: Pan Bagnat

This sandwich comes from Nice in France and is a picnic loaf which is then cut into sections for everyone to enjoy. We made a smaller version for just JD and I as you know we don't like to be greedy...ahem :D

Here's a recipe if you want to make it yourself -->

 Start by hollowing out a loaf of bread. I feel this is always a good start to a sandwich recipe.

 Chopping up some vegetables.

 A blurry picture of the tuna salad.

 Putting food in the hollowed out bread.

 Even more food!

Et voila! A delicious pan bagnat loaf split in half just for us.

These kind of sandwiches are always perplexing. There's so many flavours going on that it's like your taste buds give up and get confused. Weirdly, of all the tastes in this sandwich the boiled egg is what stood out the most. Not the anchovies, olives, capers or onion! We enjoyed this sandwich for it's moistness from the dressing and the combined flavour from all the ingredients.

Ratings: JD - 3, Emma - 3

Coming up next Saturday - The Hot Brown

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